About Evelina


Evelina Andersson is a professional singer from Sweden.EvelinaAndersson.com
At the age of eleven she started taking acting classes,
and was involved in small productions with a theatre company.
But soon singing took over and she realized that was her true calling.
She went to music school for three years to perfection her vocal skills.
Among many things did she take classical singing lessons with widely respected
vocal coach Louise Ljungberg.
At night time she was performing at parties, classical shows in churches and various events.
She was a busy little bee!



EvelinaAndersson.comAfter school she moved away from home to live in Malmoe.
There she joined the most famous Swedish dinner show company called Wallmans Salonger,
as one of the youngest artists ever.
After a year at Wallmans Salonger did she team up with guitarist Magnus Olsson
and performed at parties, after skis, weddings and company events.
So her vocals have been heard well over a thousand times on stages all over Europe.  
She took a break working with Magnus to do yet another year at
Walkmans Salonger in Helsingborg in 2008-2009.


Since the time after school she has also lended her voice out to several studio projects. EvelinaAndersson.com
Now she continues performing with Magnus in the duo 2forU and
collaborates with other musicians. Always looking out for new exciting and challenging projects.

Evelinas voice has a broad range and she can easily master many different genres.
As a singer she is versatile and has a sound to be recognized as her own.

The stage is her home and while on it she really shines.